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Programmer/Analyst with ten years of experience and solid background in analysis, design, development and implementation of Windows (C/C++) based environment, data modeling, object- oriented modeling and design. Full system life cycle hands-on experience: coding, testing, performance tuning, installation, documentation, end user training.


Windows 95/98/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista, MS-DOS, UDP, TCP/IP, FTP, MFC, ATL, COM,Watcom C++, Microsoft Visual C++, .Net, Visual Basic, Delphi, Intel Assembler, Stingray OT6.0, OG7.0; 3DS MAX SDK; SQL, ODBC, CodeBase 6.5, OLE; PHP. Adobe SDK, OpenSceneGraph; nVidia SDK;


C, C++, C#, Java, HTML, PHP, Delphi, Assembler.




09/2011 - Present. Working with Chicago.

3D Unity3D Web Online Shop Project

2006-2010 - Present. Director- Programmer-Manager. Falco Software. Own Company.

Developed about 40 tools and games. Management about 4 workers:

Programmers, designers and techwriter.


12/2007-Present. Programmer Manager.

Development of Human 3D Editor. India, Chennai.

Implementing like Google Map functionalities. USA.

8/2006 12/2007. Programmer Manager. Falco Software. Coloritto BV.

Programming and management of Falco Software Products:

Falco Icon Studio(Allows to create, modify and export Icons in various formats) and Falco Auto Image(Image Processing Program). www.falcoware.com

Coloritto BV: Spectramap Visualization(3D Data Viewer and Analyzer) www.spectramap.com


5/2006 8/2006. Programmer. SoftLogicGroup Company. Moscow.

Programming of Application for capture, editing, saving images from disk, WEB-Camera, E-Pad signer, Scanner. A user can crop, rotate, adjust images and save to disk.


11/2004 5/2006. Sustaining Engineer . F5 NetWorks company. San Jose. USA.

The sustaining a big internet-network system-product. PHP, MySQL, Java, JavaScript, ATL, C++, TCP/IP, Unix, WMWare, Perl.


9/2003 11/2004. Programmer. Digital Security System Laboratory, Moscow, Russia.

Development Software Security systems for Video capture cards. Video Codecs, AVI, JPG reading and writing. Direct Show output. Motion detectors.


6/2003 9/2003. Programmer.

3DGame3D Company. Own Company.

Pacman3D, Killer3D games. 3D OpenGL games with animation. MIDI-music.

Shareware version. You can try and buy it:



5/2003 6/2003. Programmer.

3DGame3D Company. Own Company..


Chess game. 3D OpenGL game with animation. MIDI-music, game with opponent via Internet, rotations, 3 modes of computer power. Shareware version. You can try and buy it:


2/2003 6/2003. Programmer. After The Hype Company. Belgium, Gent.

Internet Application for downloading news for www.looknmeet.com site. Application downloads news from site and shows when user wants or Internet Explorer opened. Installing from HTTP-page using ATL ActiveX control which downloads Installer, unpacks it and runs.Installer saves to Registry all info from page, makes Icon and menu in Internet Explorer, creates menus in Start Program menu of Windows. Then saves Application to Program Files and runs it.

10/2002 - 4/2003. Programmer. ArtCenter company. USA.

Game project. Made: Landscape, Animation of heroes.

9/2002 11/2002. Manager - Programmer. TechnoBusinessSolutions Company.USA.

The Making of Music project for performers.

User can check own game with original.


10/2002 11/2002. Programmer. Coloritto Software Company.Holland.

Implementing of WEB-tools(OpenGL) for visualization of DataSpace, presentation etc.


6/2002 10/2002 .Programmer. American Company, San Diego, California,USA.

Development of WEB-3D-JEWEL-OPENGL viewer.

7/1999 8/2002. Software Manager - Programmer. Coloritto Company, Amsterdam. Holland.

Management & programming a powerful software complex of business analysis of company. The complex is:1. Creating of opengl based interactive data analysis viewer for statistics,Utilized OLE, Stingrayss classes. Great tool for visualization a 3D data, Rotations, Transformations, Animation, Calculations, Color manipulations, modern tools. D4D(Stereo) mode.2. OpenGLs simple statistic viewer.3. Dinamic financial accounting model program. Stingrays classes OG7.0, OT, Adrock code. Was implemented a simple compiler(like a Excels basic). Calendars system, grids, tables, functions, accounts etc.4. DataBase tool uses SQL, ODBC, SyBase(CodeBase). The program creates a data for 3D Visualizator. Big program has Stingrays Grid and uses Excels tables(drag&drop).Statistics, calculations.I implemented here: 1, part of 2, 3. Understanding of 4.

4/2000 - 9/2000. Programmer. Bridges Company, Tomsk.

Train simulator. OpenGL graphics. Was implemented an optimized engine.Railroad, trains, rivers, tunnels, bridges, sky etc. Any configuration of road etc.

5/1999 - 10/1999. Programmer. Friendship group, Tomsk.

In parallel I did make the game like QuakeII. I wrote the simple engine. The animation of weapons. Implemented interface(Menu, Panel of player). Saving/Loading Demo. Etc.

5/1999 - 8/1999. Programmer. Friendship group, Tomsk.

Developed a driving simulator. OpenGL viewer showing terrain grid with some randomness in the elevations. Car that "drives" over the surface with proper roll, pitch and yaw. With collision detection that prevents driving through obstructions.

2/1999 - 4/1999. Programmer. Friendship group, Tomsk.

Developed animation software for computer modeling of horse racing. Created data capturing 3D-Studio plugins for importing imaging and motion data. Created plug-ins to draw giant landscapes, to capture cameras panorama background images to show them behind horses in DirectX true color mode. DirectSound programming. Created about 30 image transition routines for real time calculations like fade in/out, dissolve, changing current screen through animated image to another, different shifts. AVI true color screen output accelerator.

7/1996 - 2/1998. Designer-Programmer. Morbid Imagination Laboratory, Tomsk.

Developed about 20 useful tools for Autodesk 3DS4, 3DS MAX for advertising.

7/1995 7/1996. Programmer. The Tomsk University of Automated Control Systems and Radioelectronics. Department of Computer Aided Design, Tomsk.

Contributed to a commercial animation project by designing and developing of number of plugins for Autodesk 3D-Studio 4. Utilized object-oriented technology with many C++ classes. Modelled objects for representing such objects as human parts (heads, clothes, lips), landscapes, buildings, etc.



1991 - 1996. M. Sc. in Computer Engineering.

The Tomsk University of Automated Control Systems and Radioelectronics. Tomsk, Russia


LANGUAGES: English, Russian